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Part-time study

Who is entitled to study part-time?

Students who are unable to study full-time because they are looking after relatives in accordance with § 9 of the Hessian Enrolment Act (HImmaVO, 14.04.2016):

  • Raising a child as defined by § 25 para. 5 of the German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) up to the age of 10 or
  • The documented care of close relatives allocated a care level in accordance with § 15 para. 1 of the Social Security Code XI (SGB XI)

Other conditions:

  • Not enrolled on another course
  • Application within the normal period of study
  • Course completed within no more than double the normal period of study,
  • No restricted admission in the course or semester
  • The examination rules of the chosen course do not rule out part-time study
  • An application cannot be made with retroactive effect.

IMPORTANT: BAföG funding cannot be claimed in the case of part-time study. Unemployment Benefit II can be drawn, because a part-time course generally does not take up all of the worker.s time. This means, though, that you have to be available to a certain degree to the labour market. In any case, please seek advice before you decide to study part-time. As there are special BAföG rules for student parents, a part-time course is not always the best option.

Further information on part-time study and the application form can be found on the THM website.

Legal regulations

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