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Leave of absence

Students can also apply to take leave of absence if they have good cause. The following are good cause leave of absence according to § 8 para. 1 clause 2 no. 4 of the Hessian Enrolment Act:

  • Maternity leave in corresponding application of the Maternity Leave Act
  • Claiming of parental leave in accordance with § 15 of the Federal Act on Parental Benefit and Parental Leave or
  • Looking after relatives who are medically certified as in need of care

Students who have been granted leave of absence in accordance with § 8 para. 1 clause 2 no. 4 of the Hessian Enrolment Act are entitled, though, to attend lectures and sit exams. Exams that have not been passed can be repeated during the semester off.

  • Leave of absence can be taken in the first semester in the case of para. 1 clause 2 no. 4.
  • Leave of absence can only be taken for full semesters.
  • Leave of absence can be taken for not more than six semesters; however, the periods of leave claimed under the Maternity Leave Act and parental leave do not count towards these.
  • The reasons for the application for leave of absence have to be given in writing and the necessary proof (maternity log, doctor's certificate, birth certificate) has to be presented.
  • The application can be submitted during the course of a semester, but leave of absence cannot be taken with retroactive effect for a semester that has already been completed.

Individual advice from the Central Student Advisory Service should be sought before making the application.

Sabbatical semesters do not count as study semesters. But you remain medically insured as a student and also pay the semester fee. Therefore the facilities of the Student Services, libraries and the semester ticket can also be used during leave of absence. Upon application, the costs for the semester ticket during leave of can be refunded (no later than four weeks after the start of lectures).

IMPORTANT: If leave of absence is taken, BAföG funding is not granted for the semester concerned, but Unemployment Benefit II and Social Welfare Benefit can be applied for in this time. The student has to inform the BAföG Department of leave of absence!

Application forms for leave of absence can be downloaded online or obtained from the Student Secretariat of THM.

Legal regulations

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