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Studying with a Child Network

In February 2005 the Advice & Service Department of Giessen Student Services founded the "Studying with a Child" Network.

The aim is to create a well-functioning network which student parents are aware of and provides the basis for self organisation (e.g. organisation of private child care among each other). Our experience shows that the personal contact and informal passing on of tips contribute significantly to the well-being of student parents and help them to cope with the double or triple workload. With this in mind, we can only recommend to all student parents that they network!

At the same time, the Network actively represents the interests of the students externally. By advising the students and working with all university and university-related advisory bodies, a family and child-friendly study environment should be ensured.

At the start of every semester, the Network invites "students who have, want or plan to have a child" to a welcome event, which since the winter semester 2017/18 has primarily been a welcome cafe where students can meet and discuss. We also hold information events, sometimes with external speakers. The current semester programme can be found under Studying with a Child semester programme.

Current information and notifications of the next meetings and events are regularly sent via an e-mail distribution list, to which any interested person can be added. The e-mail distribution list can also be used to make contact with other student parents. If you want to be added to this distribution list or would like to receive information about this, please contact the Family Service Office / Familienservicestelle.


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