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Legal regulations

Throughout Hesse the law provides that students with a child have the opportunity to take leave of absence or study part-time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you study part time or take leave of absence, you cannot receive BAföG funding!

Leave of absence

According to § 8 of the Hessian Enrolment Act (HImV), students can apply to take leave of absence from their studies during pregnancy and up until the child.s fourth birthday. Leave of absence can normally be granted for a maximum of 6 semesters, whereby leave of absence due to maternity or parental leave do not count towards these 6 semesters.

Students who have been granted leave of absence due to maternity or parental leave or to look after relatives in need of care have the right to attend lectures and sit exams (see § 8, paragraph 3 HImV).

These general regulations apply to all universities in Hesse. Ask for advice at your university!

Part-time study

Students who are unable to attend a full-time course because of work commitments, because they are looking after relatives (e.g. raising a child up to the age of 18) or due to some other important reason can study parttime (§ 55 and § 9 HImV), if they devote no more than half of the time of a full-time course to their studies.
It is not possible to study parttime for a double degree or on courses/semesters with restricted admission.

These general regulations apply to all universities in Hesse. You can find out further details on how they are implemented from your university.

Maternity Leave Act

The Maternity Leave Act (MuSchG), which used to apply only to employees, has applied to pupils and students as well since 01.01.2018.

Information on the new regulations can be found at

You should ask your university to find out the exact form that this takes!

Further information and contact details can be found here:

Information page of JLU
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