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Mini online guide to the website navigation and search engine


Hilfe zur Navigation

1 Link to the home page
As is the case on most websites, you can access the home page from any text page by clicking the "logo" www.studying-with-children.de at the top left.

2 Global links
In the top right-hand corner of each page you will find global links. A brief guide to these search options is available below.

3 First navigation level
Click on a topic area in the first navigation level to access the start page of that area. The second navigation level will be shown on the right. Your current area is highlighted.

4 Second navigation level
4 Second navigation level Click on a link in the second navigation level to access the texts. The current document is marked in the menu by a small square and highlighted in a different colour. By clicking on a subject (heading in the navigation box) you can return to the start page of each topic area.

5 Path specification
Path specification of the text in the document structure. You can go straight to higher-level indexes by clicking on them.

6 Text area
The actual information.

7 Additional information
This is where you will find links to other sources of information, addresses and visual materials.

8 Footer
The footer indicates the date of the text and contains a link to the Legal Notice.

9 Language
Toggle between german and english version.

The search engine

To use the search function, click on the Search in the global links panel in the top right-hand corner of each page.

How do I find what I'm looking for?

Too many hits are not always helpful. Narrow your search down by entering several search words simultaneously.

The search engine allows search words to be combined with the search operators "+" (logical "and"), "|" (logical "or") or "!" (logical "not"). You can also carry out searches using brackets. If you enter several search words without operators, all words entered will be sought.

What if I don't find anything?

Try the wildcard "*". For example, if you enter "commu*", the search engine finds all words that start with "commu", such as "commutator" or "commutative". However, this only happens at the end of the search pattern.

Upper and lower case and the German "Umlaut"

No distinction is made between upper and lower case and the German "Umlaut" is supported. Write the Umlaut (and ß) in the normal way (ÄÖÜäöüß). Umlaut forms written as ae, oe or ue do not usually produce the desired results.

Can I search for sequences of words or entire sentences?

Yes, you can. Use inverted commas to mark the beginning and end of sequences of words.

How is the order of search results determined?

The program tries to rate hits. The "best" hits appear at the top of the list.

Studentenwerk Gießen

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