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Childminder network organised by Giessen Student Services / Studentenwerk Gießen A.d.ö.R.

What is this network?

The network of childminders is an initiative launched by Giessen Student Services and the association Parents helping Parents / Eltern helfen Eltern e.V.. The aim of the initiative is to offer students with children fairly priced and professionally qualified childcare.

The individual, qualified and flexible childcare services offered by the childminder network adapt to changing timetables and enable students to concentrate on pursuing their studies or research.

The Advice & Service Department / Beratung & Service at Giessen Student Services is the first point of contact. Registration with the childcare network is only binding after a personal consultation. "Eltern helfen Eltern e. V." is responsible for selecting, recommending and advising childminders, who have special training courses, supervision and regular meetings. Of course, each childminder also has an official childcare licence. It is important to remember that a childminder can only assume responsibility for the care of a child after an individual familiarisation period, when one of the parents must be present.

Who is entitled to use this service?

Students and doctoral candidates at Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen and Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen can apply for a place for each semester. A follow-up application may be submitted for a further semester. Care is available for infants from 8 weeks to children aged around 6 years.

What do I have to do?

Sign up for the childminder network at Giessen Student Services. You will need a university enrolment certificate and the birth certificate of the child who will be supervised. The association "Eltern helfen Eltern e.V." will contact you in due course and after an information meeting, put you in touch with a childminder. If you feel comfortable with each other, an agreement is signed by the parents or father/mother and the childminder.
  • The agreement is valid for one semester including the lecture-free period (6 months).
  • A certain number of hours are booked and must be paid for (maximum of 20 hours/week).
  • From our experience, you will only know your exact requirements for each semester at very short notice because they depend on your study schedule. We make allowances for this. However, the earlier you know your needs, the quicker and easier it is to find the right childminder.

How much does it cost?

Giessen Student Services and the Youth Welfare Offices of the city and district of Giessen offer financial support (on application) for childcare service provided by the childminder network so that parents with an adjusted net income of under € 500 only have to contribute € 0.05 an hour. If the net monthly income is above € 500, an income-related parental contribution must also be paid to the Youth Welfare Office.


The Youth Welfare Offices of the city and district of Giessen and "Eltern helfen Eltern e.V." are also available to help you find childcare.

Whom can I contact?

You can contact the Family Service Office at Giessen Student Services. You will find the address and application form on the right.
Susanne Schreiber
Childminder network - Inintial application
Childminder network - Subsequent application
Childminder network - Proceedings

Studentenwerk Gießen

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Office hours:
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Open consultation time:
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Eltern helfen Eltern e.V.

Rooseveltstraße 3
D-35394 Gießen
Phone 0641 33330

Consultation times:
Mon - Fri 09.00 - 12.00

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