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Financial support

The demands of university studies and of bringing up a child can only be managed if they are also financially viable. In addition to special rules relating to BAföG grants, there is a range of state allowances and financial support for student parents that take account of this particular situation. They are presented in this section of the website. Seek advice as early as possible!

Our leaflet (Finanzielle Hilfen vor und nach der Geburt, in German) on financial support before and after the birth of your child provides information about the support available and when and where to apply for it.

International students in Germany, especially from Non-EU countries, are often untitled to subsidies because at the beginning of their studies they have to prove that they can finanace themselves during their residence in Germany. This encompasses children who are born during their studies in Germany.

Even if international students can get some subsidies, such as housing benefit - Non-EU students risk to loose their residence permit.

The next pages include basic hints on this issue for international students. You find them in the grey shaded areas.

If you have questions or are not sure about your situation as an international student do not hesitate to contact the Family Service Office.

Studentenwerk Gießen

Family Service Office / Familienservicestelle
Otto-Behaghel-Straße 25
D-35394 Gießen
Phone 0641 40008-166

Open office hours:
Mon, Wed and Fri 10.00 - 14.00

Finanzielle Hilfen vor und nach der Geburt

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