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Childcare in the district of Giessen

In the district of Giessen there are daycare centres run by different providers. Ask the service providers / institutions about their specific services (admission age, opening times, etc). Officially recognised childminders are also available. The relevant childminding office will help you find a childminder.

Contact persons for daycare centres:

Personal consultations and/or telephone consultation to help parents find a place in a daycare centre, advice and training of professionals and general information about childminding.

For all areas in the district:

Fachdienst Jugend und Soziales

des Landkreis Gießen
Riversplatz 1 - 9
D-35390 Gießen
Phone 0641 9390-0
Fax 0641 9390-9150

Consultation times:
by appointment

Contact persons for childminding:

Qualifications, recognition, advice and establishing contact with childminders

Region I (Langgöns, Linden, Pohlheim)
Region VI (Biebertal, Heuchelheim, Wettenberg)

Eltern helfen Eltern e.V.

Rooseveltstraße 3
D-35394 Gießen
Phone 0641 33330

Consultation times:
Mon - Fri 09.00 - 12.00

Christine Rinn
Childminder office / Tagespflegebüro
Phone 0641 3012579
Fax 0641 3012578
Region II (Hungen, Lich)
Region III (Grünberg, Laubach)

Oberhess. Diakoniezentrum Johann-Friedrich-Stift

Schottener Str. 2-4
D-35321 Laubach

Karen Sondhof
Phone 06405 827-160
Fax 06405 3907

Region IV (Allendorf/Ld., Lollar, Rabenau, Staufenberg)
Region V (Buseck, Fernwald, Reiskirchen)

Katholische Familienbildungsstätte

Bismarckstraße 41
D-35418 Großen-Buseck
Phone 06408 2477
Fax 06408 7891

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