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After-school groups, after-school supervision

School children

In addition to places in after-school groups, which are offered in some facilities run by independent providers, Giessen also offers supervision for schoolchildren in 11 of 13 primary schools. Qualified and trained staff work closely with the primary school concerned and liaise with teachers. Children of mixed ages are supervised jointly in groups. In other words, first to fourth-year pupils are looked after together.

The opening times of the individual facilities vary according to school and demand. Supervision begins after lessons, usually at around 11.30, and ends at between 13.00 and 16.30. The rooms are either directly in the school building or on the school premises. Following a decision by the Ministry of Culture of the state of Hessen, after-school supervision is a school activity and your child is therefore insured as it is at school.

Centrally organised holiday supervision is provided on the premises of the Pestalozzischule during all school holidays. Schoolchildren must register separately for the holiday programme. Children are given this information together with the holiday brochure four weeks before the start of the holidays. Application forms and other information can be obtained from the after-school supervision services, primary schools and the school administration office of the city of Giessen as well as online.

After-school supervision services in Giessen are the responsibility of the school administration office. The names of contact persons are indicated on the right.

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After-school groups / Schülerbetreuung
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