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Childcare in the city of Giessen

The university city of Giessen offers a broad range of facilities and types of childcare for all age groups. Alongside day nurseries, which cover the legal right to childcare from the age of three, there are also facilities for infants from eight weeks as well as for schoolchildren. The providers of childcare services are the city of Giessen, the Protestant and Catholic churches, welfare organisations and parents' initiatives.

Addresses, types of care, opening times, number of available places, service provider and other information about all childcare institutions in the city of Giessen are available on this website.

If available, emergency services offered by these facilities are also listed. You may use these if you require additional care hours because of your job, training or studies.

The parents' portal Little Bird was launched in September 2014 to help you find the right childcare option for your child. Visit the website at www.little-bird.de/Giessen.

For a place in childcare, parents are required to pay a fee that varies according to their income and the type of childcare. You can apply to the service provider or Youth Welfare Office for an assessment of your income-related fees. The Youth Welfare Office can provide more detailed information.


Jugendamt der Stadt Gießen

Berliner Platz 1
D-35390 Gießen
Phone 0641 306-1377
Fax 0641 306-2381

Marion Böcher
Phone 0641 306-2376
Consultation times:
Mon - Fri 08.00 - 12.00

Peter Eichner
Phone 0641 306-2375
Consultation times:
Mon - Fri 08.00 - 12.00

How to find a regular child-care in Gießen

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