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What is childminding? What can and should a childminder provide?

Under the terms of the Children and Youth Welfare Law (KJHG - Social Code VIII), children may be supervised in daycare facilities such as nurseries, as described on these pages. In addition, an equal form of childcare is provided by childminders.

This is a family-oriented, individual form of daycare with relatively flexible times. Childcare can either be provided in the childminder's home or in your own home. This form of childcare is especially suitable for infants under one. However, the family-like setting is also ideal for the supervision of older children needing additional care to supplement daycare centres or schools. A group of up to five children can be supervised by one childminder.

Childminding can be organised

  • if both parents work
  • for single working parents
  • if one or both parents are in education

The Youth Welfare Offices provides the following childminding-related services:

  • Comprehensive advice and information for parents and childminding families
  • Help in finding and organising a childminder
  • Preparation and training of childminders and childminding families
  • Selection and recognition of childminders (male and female childminders, nannies)
  • Improvement of the quality of childminders with training courses for childminders and parents

For the Wetterau district, FAB gGmbH, Frauen Arbeit Bildung gGmbH, "kids and business" department, offers advice and help in finding childminders.

FAB gGmbH, Frauen Arbeit Bildung gGmbH

Grüner Weg 8
D-61169 Friedberg
Phone 06031 693719-0
Fax 06031 693719-29

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