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Children's meals provided by Giessen Student Services / Studentenwerk Gießen A.d.ö.R.

Giessen Student Services provides a free lunch for children whose parents are students at all refectories and cafeterias where they can also have lunch.

The selection is suitable for children aged up to 15 years with at least one parent who is a student. Parents can apply to the Advice & Service Department / Beratung & Service at the local Student Services for a children's meal pass / Kinderteller-Ausweis - all you need is a valid enrolment certificate and a copy of the child's birth certificate. The children's meal pass and an up-to-date enrolment certificate will allow parents a free lunch (half a normal portion: main items plus carbohydrate accompaniments as well as a salad and/or desert) for the child, with whom they eat together, set out on a specially designed child's plate and selected from the normal menu for that day. The free children's meal is only provided in combination with one full adult main course.

Students can apply for the pass at the following offices and is valid at all catering facilities managed by Giessen Student Services:

Site? Where exactly? Who?
Giessen Advice & Service Department / Beratung & Service Claudia Verna, 0641 40008-162
Friedberg BAföG and service office in the reception area NN
Fulda Advice & Service Department/Abteilung Beratung & Service - Fulda Office Vanessa Vietor, 0661 96210486

Children whose parents are not students can also obtain a children's meal when eating together. It is available at a special price of € 2 per child for university staff and € 2.50 for non-university members. No special pass is needed. Staff must show their refectory pass or staff ID card.

Susanne Schreiber
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